Buying or Renting International Cell Phones

Carrying cell phones while traveling abroad has become very popular and common amongst businessmen and professionals as it frees them from being tide to their hotel’s expensive phone service or pay phones. Unfortunately US made domestic phones don’t work in most overseas countries including Europe and Asia. An international cell phone is the ideal companion for many business travelers as they also benefit from the added data communications features such as emailing or even data and file transfers built into newer mobile phonesIt’s surprising to know that the United States is behind in other counties when it comes to standardizing cellular communications. While most countries around the world have adopted the GSM wireless technology, the US has resisted this change and instead developed proprietary CDMA and TDMA protocols. If you plan on studying overseas, or staying outside of North America for extended period of times and want the convenience cell phones you need to make the switch to GSM unlocked phones that operate at 900mhz.The frequent traveler will find it cheaper and more convenient to buy an international cell phone than renting one. However a person who travels infrequently would be better off renting an international cell phone when they make their occasional overseas trips.In order to ensure that all your needs and requirements are met try to research as much information as possible about several models of GSM phones you consider renting or buying. The most important feature to note in the phone is its network coverage, but of course this can vary greatly by country. This is because some cell phones will work in one part of the world, and not in another. So when you buy or rent your cell phone, ensure that it will work in the country you are visiting.Depending on your trip, you will have a need for different services and applications during your international trip. Some travelers will have a need for a navigation map, some need internet and email access while others will need video recording or voice mailbox services. People going on an international holiday may also need the cell phone to listen to their favorite music and for capturing great views.So depending on your requirements, check the features of the phone before buying or renting it. This is because some of these features may not be available by your network provider when abroad. You should never forget, or ignore to find out about the tariff, fees, plan and charges, whether you are renting or buying.Different providers have different tariff plans, fees and charges depending on the services you require. Moreover, international cell phones usually charge higher or additional fees when compared to local cell phone services. And last, but not least, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the service.This is a very important point that is often overlooked by international travelers, only to face complications and inconvenience in a later period. Read the terms and conditions of the phone, and if you are at a loss of time to do so, get a customer representative do it for you.Anything that is not clear to you like contract subscription, warranty, hotline numbers and other fees and charges for international subscriptions should be verified. With this information, you will be able to save yourself lots of future headaches and troubles. So if you are a frequent traveler, the international cell phone is a useful service and device for you as it not only increases your productivity at work, it also provides entertainment through music, videos and games during those long hours of travel.

Guardian International Travel Business Review

This short review about Guardian International Travel was created because I myself didn’t find enough information online. After much research with many “filters” plugged in finally you could see for yourself what is the Guardian International Travel opportunity all about. All in one sitting right at the comfort of your own home. You be the judge for this business at the end.1) Behind Guardian International TravelNothing is ever complete without first discovering who really is running the show. First up we have The CEO, Swainson Hawke (a.k.a. Hawke). He is also the author of 7 books, one of which is a best seller. Senior Vice President, Elliott James is a professional Country Music Singer. Mr. James bring with his vast knowledge and understanding of people establishes him as a true mentor to all Guardian International Travel Family Members. The third partner and CFO in this company, Bill Humes is a foster parent of six children. He has also been a prime leader at the top of companies that have made millions.2) Products And CompensationSo, just to cut the explanation on Guardian International Travel short you basically have two choices. You either choose to purchase the Condo Discount Card or the GIT Charter Membership. In reality, the Charter membership option is the one that will make you the big bucks. You can choose to invest about $700 as a starter. This includes the purchase of the card, activation and administration fee.Your “Condo Discount Card” is like an alternative time share program. So, essentially you not only get discounts with this Guardian International Travel product but also you get to receive commissions when you refer someone. That means you are involved in a single-tiered affiliate program.3) Rekindle Your DreamsIf you are someone who believes in network marketing and in running single tier affiliate program then Guardian International Travel might be a good fit. You don’t earn from your downlines efforts but mostly on your own. This makes it feasible if you are thinking about always looking out for new prospects.In all sense, you can be sure that Guardian International Travel has a good range of products. You can definitely benefit more if you have the skill to market online effectively. Invest in yourself by buying good marketing materials to learn online. Soon, you will have your own success story.