International Cell Phone Calls Are Costing Less As Technology Increases

People love to travel for business and pleasure, and we now find ourselves in the situation where international travel has never been easier. There are a multitude of competing airlines who all want you to travel with them. You also have more opportunities than ever to keep in touch with people back home and international cell phone calls are cheaper than ever with new technology. A global SIM means:
Free Incoming Calls in Most Countries (especially Europe)- Taking your home cell phone with you when you travel overseas means you are leaving yourself open to high international roaming costs. Even the smallest amount of usage can end up costing thousands of dollars. An International SIM can mean that you get free incoming calls in many countries you travel to, and extremely cheap incoming calls in others.
Substantially lower outgoing call rates- An International SIM card can also give you extremely cheap outgoing call rates compared with using your home cell phone overseas. You can save anywhere between 60-90% on costs.
VoIP calls are often free- If you are using a Smart Phone with Windows mobile and inbuilt WiFI, you can now download Skype and then you can Skype your friends and family for free if you find a hotspot overseas. This can be a substantial saving on your international Roaming costs.Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, you can now get cheap international cell phone calls whilst you are traveling. This is done with an International SIM card (also called a travel SIM card or global SIM card.) It can also be done with Smart Phones and a VoIP service like Skype if you are in a hot spot area. You need to get yourself an International SIM so you can keep in touch with people back home.