Guardian International Travel Business Review

This short review about Guardian International Travel was created because I myself didn’t find enough information online. After much research with many “filters” plugged in finally you could see for yourself what is the Guardian International Travel opportunity all about. All in one sitting right at the comfort of your own home. You be the judge for this business at the end.1) Behind Guardian International TravelNothing is ever complete without first discovering who really is running the show. First up we have The CEO, Swainson Hawke (a.k.a. Hawke). He is also the author of 7 books, one of which is a best seller. Senior Vice President, Elliott James is a professional Country Music Singer. Mr. James bring with his vast knowledge and understanding of people establishes him as a true mentor to all Guardian International Travel Family Members. The third partner and CFO in this company, Bill Humes is a foster parent of six children. He has also been a prime leader at the top of companies that have made millions.2) Products And CompensationSo, just to cut the explanation on Guardian International Travel short you basically have two choices. You either choose to purchase the Condo Discount Card or the GIT Charter Membership. In reality, the Charter membership option is the one that will make you the big bucks. You can choose to invest about $700 as a starter. This includes the purchase of the card, activation and administration fee.Your “Condo Discount Card” is like an alternative time share program. So, essentially you not only get discounts with this Guardian International Travel product but also you get to receive commissions when you refer someone. That means you are involved in a single-tiered affiliate program.3) Rekindle Your DreamsIf you are someone who believes in network marketing and in running single tier affiliate program then Guardian International Travel might be a good fit. You don’t earn from your downlines efforts but mostly on your own. This makes it feasible if you are thinking about always looking out for new prospects.In all sense, you can be sure that Guardian International Travel has a good range of products. You can definitely benefit more if you have the skill to market online effectively. Invest in yourself by buying good marketing materials to learn online. Soon, you will have your own success story.